Onward to skin types!

I'm going to do a quick basic description, and link to one example I have seen have good results from for each product I mention.

Take a look in the mirror. When you look at your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, do you see pores? If you do, you're lucky! People with visible pores have them because their skin produces oil and is not dry. It may be parched of water due to you trying to get rid of the oil, which will make it dehydrated, but it's probably still producing more and more oil anyways to try and protect itself. Dry skin doesn't produce this protective oil, so it is much more fragile and more likely to be sensitive.

If you wake up with a shiny face, wash it, and have a shiny face again by noon, have any makeup you try to wear rub off or almost "melt" off your face within hours, or struggle constantly with blemishes, you probably think I'm crazy to think oil production is a good thing, and you likely have an oily skin. Be gentle with it, it's just trying to protect itself. Look for a gentle deep cleanser, a toner with kaolin (white clay), and a moisturizer that controls oil production. You might want to use a deep cleaning mask once or twice a week. Avoid products that contain mineral oil or petroleum.

If you get some shine on your forehead and nose, but feel dry and tight on the cheeks, your skin is probably normal. Yes, this annoying combination of dehydrated and oily is the most common skin type out there. You'll also want a gentle cleanser and toner, or a good all in one cleanser, a rehydrating moisturiser, and possibly a moisture serum if you still feel your cheeks are dry.

If you have no visible pores, no oiliness, and never feel like you can put enough cream on to make your skin feel any better, your skin is probably dry. Even more interesting, it might also be dehydrated, meaning a lot of dry skin creams won't help it feel more moist, but might leave it feeling a little oily. It's also more likely to be sensitive than other skin types, though any skin can develop sensetivities. You'll want a milky or cream cleanser and a gentle toner, a moisturiser with some oil in it, and maybe a deeply moisturising mask a few times a week.

Next time I'll talk a little more about the importance of using different products (like toner) and why you "need" them if you're going to follow a skincare regime that involves any of them.