Photographer: Andrew Ferguson  Model: Karen Van Es

So here's what I did with color to achieve this look on Karen:

You'll need:
two shades of orange shadow, one pale, one vibrant    
pale silvery-green shadow (or plain silver), dark green shadow                      
olive green eyeliner  
orange lip liner, gold lipstick        
orange blush 

Also, to match your coloration, brow powder or pencil, foundation, powder, concealor

1: Apply your foundation, concealor, and powder, if you use them, as you normally
   (You don't have to use any of these things, but they were used for this photo.)

2: Fill in your brows, if you need to. Just use a pencil or shadow on an angled brush
    to fill in sparse spots and add definition. This does an amazing job of framing the
    eye area and drawing attention to it.

3: Use a wide shadow brush, sponge tip applicator or your finger to apply
    silver-green shadow from your lashes up to your brows. If you have a darker
    skintone, a soft gold may be more flattering.

4: Gently press to find your browbone, and apply dark green shadow from the
    crease to the browbone all the way along your eye, blending it slightly higher
    towards the outer third of the eye. Smudge and blend it if it makes a harsh line.

5: Use your bright orange shadow with a small brush or a q-tip to apply smudgey,
    thick line of color under the eye, thinning it out a little towards the inner corner.
    Use the same color to fill in the outer third of the eyelid.

6: Apply your softer orange on the inner 2/3 of your eyelid, blending it into the
    brighter shade, and use a bit to soften the inner corner of the bottom line if you
    need to.

7: Line your upper lashes with an olive green, brown, or dark grey liner. You can
    also use powder shadow on an angled brush for an ever softer look, or to soften
    the pencil line. Apply mascara generously.

8: Line your lips and fill them in entirely with orange lipliner, then apply sheer gold
    lipstick over top and blot. If you want a super intense lip, you could follow that
    with gold or orange lipgloss.

9: Apply a little orange blush on the cheekbones and blend into the temples and
    slightly above. The one I used had a gold shine to it.

Have fun playing with color! I often forget to use these warm fall tones, thank you
to my lovely model for suggesting them.