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L'Oreal Colorist Secrets Hair Color Remover

June 5, 2010
I color my hair a lot. I recently decided I wanted to go from bright blue to my natural ash brown. The blue dye had ideas of its own, though, and I ended up going with my usual refuge when my hair thinks it knows better than me, black.

After a while I decided, with the encouragment of this product, to try again. I couldn't resist seeing if it could really remove the black dye while leaving my hair healthy enough to re-color.

Well, one thing I can't complain about is that it did the job well. It was much gentler than a standard bleach, and I am really impressed by the results. They were exactly as promised in the package insert, and I was able to use a permanant medium brown dye right away, no problems.

The applicator bottle, however, is about the most irritating thing I have ever used while dying my hair. As you can see in the picture above, rather than having a regular applicator, it has a flip top. Even with a finger over its tip, the texture of the product is so thin and watery that it leaks while you are shaking it to blend the powder inside the applicator bottle with the liquid peroxide you add to activate it. I also found it very difficult to to get the mixture to blend properly as the powder clumped and stuck to the bottom of the bottle as I added the liquid.

The powder clung to the inside of the applicator bottle before adding the liquid too; I suspect it would be difficult to get it all out into a bowl if you wanted to mix it outside of the container it came packaged in.

The super fluid texture of this product also makes it much harder to apply than traditional creme or gel formula hair colors and bleaches. There is far less accuracy if you only want to do certain areas of your hair.

Last, but not least, get your own gloves if you want to try this product. The gloves that come with it are the old school "peel the flat glove off the paper the instructions are printed on" style that does not fit any human hand.

I find it really frustrating that a product that works so well has so many design flaws. Hopefully we'll soon see this product with big, bright stars on the front boasting "New and Improved".


Mineral Makeup: Talc vs. Mica

May 10, 2010
Mineral Powder! Talc free! Talc based!

Companies splash these phrases across packaging and ads in bold fonts and bursts of bright colour, generally with no explanation as to why this should make their products desirable. Mineral Makeup and even skincare is one of the hottest trends in the cosmetics industry right now, and most consumers don't realize that many of these products are exactly the same ones they have been using for years, but re-packaged since "mineral" became a buzzword.

What is ...

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Why do I need all this stuff? The skincare "routine".

April 29, 2010
We often use an awful lot of products on our skin, sometimes because we need them, sometimes because we feel we need them, and sometimes because we've been told we need them. Truthfully, if you're going to use anything at all, there are a few basic products designed to work together to give you the best results.


 Whatever your skin type, it needs to be cleaned. A dry or sensitive skin may feel more comfortable using a milky, non-foaming cleanser, where an oilier skin may only feel "cl...

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A quick overview of skin type

April 26, 2010
Onward to skin types!

I'm going to do a quick basic description, and link to one example I have seen have good results from for each product I mention.

Take a look in the mirror. When you look at your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, do you see pores? If you do, you're lucky! People with visible pores have them because their skin produces oil and is not dry. It may be parched of water due to you trying to get rid of the oil, which will make it dehydrated, but it's probably still producing more ...

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