Reversa is a 100% Canadian owned company. They are owned by Montreal based Dermtek Pharmaceuticals, which was founded in 1986 by Robert and Nicole Lavoie, and is still owned by the Lavoie family.

Most Reversa products are packaged in recycled (and recyclable)  plastic jars or pumps inside of recycled cardboard boxes. Every ingredient used to manufacture Reversa products is sourced from inside Canada, and they do absolutely no animal testing.

The Reversa line is a small one, consisting of only twelve products, mostly marketed to people looking for anti aging skin care.  All products are oil free and color free, and this summer the line will be relaunched to be entirely paraben free as well. Only the antioxidant serum contains a fragrance, and that is derived from essential oils and other natural sources.

Many Reversa products contain Glycolic Acid, but even if you have had less than positive experiences with this ingredient in the past, they are worth trying a sample of, as they are formulated with ingredients allowing the Glycolic Acid to time release, making them suitable for even sensitive skin in most cases. You'll still feel a bit of a tingle or itching sensation in some cases, but only for a moment in my experience. Make sure you are using sun protection if you choose to use any products containing Glycolic Acid, as it can cause skin to become slightly more sun sensitive. Actually, use sun protection anyway, it's one of the best things you can do to keep your skin healthy.

I can personally recommend the Solution for Oily and Acne Prone Skin, which offers a little extra boost of deep cleaning, pore reducing, and exfoliation when used as a toner with any skin care routine, as well as the Corrective Night Cream, which leaves my skin feeling really well moisturised and not greasy.

In my experience, Reversa products can be trusted to show the results they claim to, and are a fairly easy line to understand, even with just a look at the website or browsing the boxes on the shelf. You'll find them in the Dermatological Skincare section of most Canadian pharmacies, usually near the bottom, in white and gold boxes if they contain sunscreen (SPF 15) and white and silver if they do not. Prices range from $22-$45, with fairly regular promotional sets and sales.