Today I went down to Wink Beauty Lounge and let my friend Ashandra use me as a model for the seamless eyelash extensions they specialize in. It's the first set she's ever done, and I think they look amazing!

Before and after:

This is their "discovery" application, and should last between 28 and 90 days. I can't wait to see how they look with makeup, which, like a good model, I did not wear any of to my appointment.

The application was a pretty relaxing process. They slide a moisturizing eye patch up over your lower lashes to keep them from getting stuck to the lashes being worked on (and give a nice boost of anti-aging treatment to the skin). After that you just lie back and relax while each lash is individually attached to one of your own lashes, and then they give you a kit containing care instructions and a brush to keep your lashes looking their best.

They recommend using only liquid or powder liner while the extensions are in, as pencils often contain oils that can weaken the glue bonding the lashes on, and no waterproof makeup because you can't use oil based removers for the same reason. I need to check back and see if using pencil on the waterline of the eye is alright.

So no pencil liner, but no need to wear mascara during allergy season, when I tend to get slightly watery eyes. We'll see how well that balances out!