Just Eva


Walk into a room containing 5 visible or audible people, realize two of them think you’re worthless garbage. That’s a nope.

Posted 259 weeks ago

Logbook, day 13919

Did not develop teleportation power after getting “sweet” private messages from a person who was a jerk to me in public.

Still not angry enough for magical murder, apparently.

Posted 264 weeks ago

I'm not mad, I'm just dissapointed

I don’t know if it’s “wisdom” coming with age, knowledge coming from research, or just a chemical reaction in my brain caused by the massive doses of progestin I’m on to treat endometriosis, but I have no patience for patriarchal assholes or people who defend them right now.

I’ve been on a blocking and unfriending spree on social media today and while I’m actively disappointed about 1/3 it’s still someone I’ve known was problematic for some time, but wanted to think better of.

Posted 264 weeks ago