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This week I found out:

* I can’t get a flu vaccine until November (the nasal mist form that hopefully won’t give me an anaphylactic reaction isn’t ready yet) and if I want it I have to have it administered at a specialists office due to the previous bad reaction.

* I need to make an appointment to see my surgeon if I want the stitch that didn’t dissolve like it was supposed to removed so it’s not just sticking out of my neck.

* One of my post surgery blood tests came back with a high parathyroid hormone count, which I need to go see my nephrologist about to determine if anything’s wrong.

* I have osteoporosis thanks the the parathyroid problems, but I can’t start taking supplements to try and help that until the nephrologist figures out what’s going on with that hormone level.

* I have a head cold.

You win week. I give up. I’m going to bed.

Posted 195 weeks ago

Panic attacks suck

I wasn’t aware until tonight that I’ve internalized feeling like if I say anything that may be a “spoiler” I am a worthless human being.

Posted 212 weeks ago


Did you know you have four small glands called parathyroids on/near your thyroid gland? Their job is to regulate the amount of calcium in your bloodstream. When they malfunction they leech calcium out of your bones and saturate your blood with it, leading to fragile bones and kidney stones.

Excess calcium in the blood, in high levels, can also cause fatigue, muscle and joint aches, anxiety, depression, confusion, memory problems, irrational behavior, and hallucinations.

The cure for this condition is the surgical removal of the affected gland(s) through an incision across the lower front of the throat. 

Time to start coming up with entertaining stories to explain my upcoming neck wound, I guess.

Posted 233 weeks ago